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About E=mc Spray Foam

Out of necessity, invention is born. Words that normally speak to a product or an idea, but in this case they speak of a company: E=mc Spray Foam. The company finds its roots in the construction industry with the founder having worked as a home builder in a couple different markets. Building homes he had to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and help home owners decide on certain aspects of the home building process.

That is what brought Eddie McDonald to discover new ways to insulate a home and what led him to spray foam insulation and the formation of the company E=mc Spray Foam. The product was wonderful, it created sound barriers that were remarkable, the framing was more secure, the mold was no longer even a thought and the energy savings were amazing. Consistent with the high standards of his home construction business, nothing but exceptional was going to be accepted. Today that is just what Eddie McDonald and his crew provide.

From bid information to the actual installation, staff at E=mc Spray Foam do an exceptional job. Eddie, with many years experience in home construction himself, runs the operations side of the business. “Spray Foam Insulation is all we do & we do it well”, he states. Since today's foam is better and more efficient than foams of the past, it is important that the staff is ready to educate their customers on the benefits they will see from day one. The installation must be done in a timely manner to make sure no building project is held up. They respect the schedule of each and every home builder they work with as they have been in their shoes before. Clients, from home owners to home builders, can expect the best from E=mc Spray Foam.

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