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Healthier Home Insulation

Spray foam insulation and air barrier system creates an airtight seal to reduce random air leakage through the walls and limit the penetration of outdoor allergens and pollutants. 100% water-blown, spray foam insulation improves the quality of the indoor air you breathe. It also reduces the number of indoor pollutants to help you breathe easier and is an environmentally-friendly soft foam insulation.

Spray foam insulation is a vital component in a moisture management program. By significantly reducing air leakage (which can account for 99% of moisture migration), spray foam insulation averts airborne moisture from entering the home so that mold growth is less likely to occur. Combined with proper mechanical ventilation, spray foam insulation helps you keep the indoor relative humidity between 35% and 55% - a level at which the growth of mildew, dust mites and other allergens can be minimized. Reducing excess moisture also helps to extend the life of your house and the systems within it.

Sleep deprivation, increased stress levels and your overall quality of life can be linked to unwanted noise in the home. Sound control measures begin with your choice of insulation.

Spray foam insulation's acoustic properties help reduce noise levels that originate from within your home (like home theaters and children's play areas) as well as those that originate from your external environment (such as street traffic or airports). To ensure your home is a haven of peace and quiet, minimize the transmission of airborne and flanking sound by using spray foam insulation to seal small openings such as cracks around doors and electrical outlets.

Spray foam insulation is also ideal for minimizing noise originating from plumbing pipes within your walls. Running water can cause the piping behind walls and above ceilings to vibrate and transfer that sound into the structure of the house. Spray foam insulation is a flexible, open-celled material that can be applied around these pipes to dampen the vibrations and reduce structure-borne noise.

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